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Crypto Wealth Management

Manage your entire portfolio, monitor market performance and invest in pre-built, thematic portfolios. We make investing & diversification easy.


Crypto Wealth Management Crypto Wealth Management

Wealth Management & Investing


Invest in thematic portfolios based on top performers, crypto sectors and major invest fund portfolios.


Manage your holdings with a dashboard view of portfolio weights, USD values and coin specifics.


Track performance of specific coins, thematic portfolios and your entire crypto balance.

Simplified Investing

Invest in a diversified, pre-built portfolio with a click. Choose from crypto baskets such as the Bloomberg index or industry segments such as IOT and Medical.

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Wealth Management

Crypto Wealth Management

Invest with ease

One click will invest you into a curated, pre-built portfolio.

We distilled the investment process of cryptocurrency. With one click, you could be in the top Binance coins or a portfolio similar to major players, such as the Bloomberg index and Pantera venture capital fund.

Soon, you'll be able to select specific crypto industries to allocate into your overall portfolio. Want to invest in social cryptos? STEEM and BAT will be added to your portfolio. How about privacy? XMR and DASH will hold some weight. You will select the sectors, we'll offer a seamless way to invest.

Diversify your portfolio

Diversify your crypto assets amongst coins and sectors.

In a industry driven by speculation, diversification is key. Portfolio investments can span not only industries, but also market cap, team, technological innovation and use cases.

Which industry do you think will be most disrupted by blockchain? Financial payments? Select the Payments portfolio to allocate a portfolio of your portfolio into XLM and XRP. Do you think smaller market caps will outperform larger market caps in 2018? Select the Bottom 20 to allocate a portfolio of your portfolio into coins in the #80-#100 market cap range.

Crypto Wealth Management
Crypto Wealth Management

Manage your crypto

Connect your crypto exchanges and manage all your coins

Cryptocurrency exchanges don't make it easy to manage all your coins - but we do. Connect all your exchanges to view your entire portfolio from one dashboard. You can not only access your portfolio by weight of each coin and by USD value, but also view details on specific coin.

Have specific sections in your portfolio out-grown others? Reinvest into a new portfolio to take off some of your gains and diversify the profit. Are you proud of your portfolio's recent performance? Check out which cryptos brought the most success.

Track your perfomance

Stay up to date with coin performance, biggest gainers and lossers

Monitor the performance of your entire portfolio for a wholistic view of your holdings. Track the performance of each coin in your portfolio for greater detail and compare with other coins in the market. Segment by top gainers & lossers, percent of portfolio and coin price.

Are you excited about the performance of coins you've recently discovered? Soon, you will be able to invest into the coin directly through CoinPlan. Do you want to allocate a greater weight to an underperforming coin? Soon, you will also be able to change the coin weights on your portfolio with a slider.

Crypto Wealth Management
Crypto Wealth Management Crypto Wealth Management

Intuitive Dashboard

Follow your portfolio's performance and visualize your holdings by percent of portfolio or USD value.

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    We take security seriously. Your API keys are never stored on our servers and we will never ask for withdrawl access.

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    Manage, Track, Invest

    Manage your crypto wealth! Head to Dashboard to view your portfolio performance and coins. Click on Invest to access curated, pre-built portfolios.

Crypto Wealth Management


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CoinPlan cost?

CoinPlan is free for retail investors. Manage your crypto holdings, track your portfolio's performance and invest through the CoinPlan curated portfolios - all at no cost. We will offer advanced features such as tax documents for more institutional clients.

Do I deposit money into CoinPlan?

Nope. We don't hold your fiat or crypto. With CoinPlan, you connect your exchange accounts to manage all your coins from the dashboard.

What security measures are taken to protect my APIs?

We don't actually hold your API keys. When you enter the keys, our enhanced security software encrypts the information and stores the encrypted key on your device.

How are the pre-built portfolios made?

We look to research firms and major cryptocurrency funds to base our curated portfolios on. We do not provide cryptocurrency reccomendations, only a seamless way to diversify your cryptocurrency investments.

Financial Democratization

CoinPlan's mission is to democratize financial services. Cryptocurrency lowers the barrier to investing and we aim to futher that notion with simplified wealth management.

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Coin Listings and Bundle Sponsorship

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