Coinplan FAQ

Coinplan is a premier marketplace for cryptocurrency portfolios. For investors who seek to diversify within the crypto market, Coinplan offers a suite of portfolios, categorized by industry sector, analyst crafted, top ranking, and more. Coinplan's aim is to automate crypto investing for retail investors and promote diversification within the crypto market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coinplan uses Triple-Walled Security to keep funds where they intended to be. Digital assets on Coinplan are stored in cold storage through our custody partners.

Coinplan accounts are created via Firebase, a Google product also used by well-known companies like Venmo, Lyft, and The New York Times. Financial information associated with user accounts is encrypted and secured on servers certified by leading security experts.

In addition, both Coinplan’s proprietary encryption and Hydro Raindrop 2FA are also implemented on the platform. The combination of cold storage custody, Firebase encryption and 2FA security, results in a secure platform that users can trust.
Coinplan uses Wyre, Coinsquare, and Grapefruit OTC to enable the exchange of cryptocurrencies within the portfolios. Wyre sources its liquidity from 4 sources: decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges, dark pools, and OTC desks. With Wyre, Coinsquare and Grapefruit, Coinplan is confident in providing liquidity for any client needs.
Coinplan is a registered MSB (money service business). You can search for our registration information here. Coinplan’s MSB Registration Number is ‘31000136599851’.
Yes. When you invest in any available portfolio, you own the coins outright. The coins are held for you in the cold storage custody of our partners.
At Coinplan, we made diversification an essential part of investing in crypto. With one-click, you can invest in a diverse and analyst crafted coin portfolio.

Why is that so great? It lowers the overall risk of your portfolio and saves you time.
Automated investment management not only protects investors from significant market swings, but also fosters long term growth.

That's why we built automatic investment management into our DNA with the “Coinplan Smart Rebalancer" and the “Coinplan Stop Loss”. With Coinplan, you can sleep well at night knowing we're keeping an eye on your investment.
No. Coinplan is an investment marketplace.

Coinplan does not make personalized recommendations, nor invest on the behalf of others. All investments are done soley at the discretion of the investor. Coinplan is only the technology platform.